How It Works

Both our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and our Hosted Cloud Solution (HCS) utilize the same technology architecture. The solutions are identical until the point of end user interaction.

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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

ACBM's Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution integrates live vehicle data with your existing enterprise maintenance or work order application. EAI reads data directly from each vehicle in your fleet and transmits the raw data (GPS location, odometer, engine hours, fuel usage, etc.).

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ACBM Solutions is a technology company and we love what we do!  We started by hacking our own cars and from there we have grown into a technology company at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.  We read the data that your vehicles are already sending to their own systems and then transform that into actionable information for business owners and fleet managers.

ACBM Solutions provides customers with an easy to use solution that integrates vehicle data into their existing preventative maintenance software.  Don't have preventative maintenance software?  No problem!  Our hosted cloud solution provides a full suite of maintenance, diagnostic, and tracking capabilities for you!

ACBM solutions combines the benefits of corrective, planned, and condition-based maintenance methodologies to provide the most comprehensive and unique solution available, all starting at less than the cost of a gallon of gas per week!