In the spring of 2014, Larry Furino's car was broken down and wouldn't start.  He wanted to learn how to diagnose and fix the problem himself, so he purchased an OBDII scanner to help diagnose the problem.  While investigating the issue, he realized that there was a lot of diagnostic, performance, and other information available from the car's computer.

Later that week, Larry was working on a major system upgrade for one of his clients.  One of the features of the new software was the ability of the system to automatically generate preventative maintenance work orders based on meter readings.  The only downside was that someone had to walk around to every vehicle in order to record the odometer, engine hours, and fuel usage.  These readings had to be input into the new system manually, which was time consuming, costly, and prone to error.

Larry decided to look for a way to automate this process.  He found an OBDII device that could remain connected to each vehicle and transmit the required data to a central server over a GSM cellular network.  From there, an integration was built into the maintenance software.  Information began to flow seamlessly from each vehicle into the new preventative maintenance software.

ACBM Solutions is now comprised of a team of business and technology experts that have come together to create an easy to use solution for all of our customers. We provide our enterprise clients with a complete integrated solution while empowering our small and medium size customers with the same innovative technology using proprietary cloud based software.