Both our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and our Hosted Cloud Solution (HCS) utilize the same technology architecture. The solutions are identical until the point of end user interaction.

Both solutions start by installing a small OBDII device in the vehicle. The OBDII port is available on all vehicles made after 1996.  The OBDII device is installed by simply plugging the device directly into the available port. The device comes preloaded with proprietary firmware, which communicates with the vehicle to directly read the diagnostics and other information including odometer, engine hours, and fuel usage. In addition, real time GPS data is available from the device.

Once the information has been retrieved from the vehicle, the OBDII device transmits the data back to our secured servers over a GSM cellular network. For customers who have implemented the EAI solution, the data is transmitted directly into their existing enterprise application. For Hosted Cloud customers, we transmit the data directly into their drdicated database instance for secure storage. Once in Hosted Cloud, work orders are automatically generated and scheduled. This enables customers to view all overdue, scheduled, and completed maintenance orders.