JDExcelerator – Call JDE Orchestrations From Excel

The Easy Way to Make the Orchestrator Work for You

Recapture hundreds of hours per year by tapping into the power of the Orchestrator platform with a simple, user-friendly tool.

Dynamic by Design

Call any orchestration through Excel.

Save time on your own terms: We’ve eliminated the need to build a custom integration for every new end point.
 This means no costs or delays trying to get a vendor or dev team to address your specific use case.

What Does It Do?

JDExcelerator provides a quick and easy way to automate countless business use cases.

  • · Uploading and managing master and transactional data
  • · Automating business processes for individuals and departments
  • · Testing and debugging new orchestrations
  • · Converting/migrating data after a merger or acquisition
  • · Execute queries (data requests)

Use JDExcelerator Now

Our lightweight software is easy to set up and starts delivering ROI right away.

  • ·Affordable pricing for end users and teams
  • ·Installs on your computer in seconds
  • ·No need to provision IT resources
  • ·Keep working directly in the familiar Excel environment

Let JDExcelerator Do the Repetitive Work for You.

ACBM: The Engineering Expertise Behind JDExcelerator

“As an early and experienced adopter of the Orchestrator, ACBM is a trusted collaborator helping Oracle continually improve UX and functionality for their customers. We have designed JDExcelerator to help clients access the full potential of their JDE investment.”

- Larry Furino, ACBM Founder


Discover why analysts and other end users love this software.

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